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Submission Criteria

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A fresh concept in modern Publishing.


Your book is finished and available as a pr5int book on say Amazon and via Charlotte Greene.

You have no idea how to convert it in an eBook. The easiest way, once you understand, is by using Calibre.

We offer an EPUB conversion service for a small fee. This is a generic EPUB that can be read on virtually any device.

Writing Your Book

Always write  as the physical book will be published. To do that, you need to know what the parameters are. Until you have published, this you do not know. We do.

This means that what you type in Word or Open Office, as exactly how the print book will appear:

• Font face and size.
• Printable region.
• Odd and even pages.
• Formatting pages, section breaks for odd and even pages, repeat or first page.

Charlotte Greene

Helping self-publishing authors get there books to market

What you need to do

  • Contact us via the contact form, this is an anti-spam measure. Briefly introduce your interest or project.
  • We reply, and ask for your query letter, which should tell us succinctly about your project.
  • Tell us what help you need, be it editing, or cover illustration. If you are not sure of the help you need, explain the problem to us.
  • If you know the area of expertise, and/or would like to contact a particular freelancer, reference this at the top of the page.
  • We operate in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.


In the modern, electronic, and computer age, it does not really matter what specific font or size you use.

This is a business letter, and while no specific font or size is requested, we expect it to be readily readable; TNR 12 does it for most people, or anything similar and 'normal'.


We will reply within a couple of days, sometimes sooner. If we are interested, regards editorial, we will ask you for the complete manuscript, as is. You will form a deal with your freelancer on a personal basis, and Charlotte Greene will act as broker. Talk to us, we are here to help you turn your ideas, into a best selling book.


Your book remains your intellectual copyright, and submitting it to us proves this as fact.

You will find well-intentioned advice in the margins, and accepted by us or not, we wish you well with your book.


Charlotte Green are into fiction, and are especially interested in the following:

  • Science Fiction.
  • Science Fantasy.
  • Urban fiction / YA.
  • Action & Adventure.
  • Mystery thrillers.
  • Who-done-it.
  • Historical Fiction.

We have no hard and fast rule on what we will, and will not look at. An original and interesting plot goes a long way with us.

Chapter beginning
and end

The first page of a chapter should begin on the odd, or right-hand page.

Chapters should be of consistent length, and finish on the left hand or even page.

The final chapter should finish on the odd page. The printer will put their logo on the last even page.

Authors can do as they wish, but these are the industry standards, and should be adhered to.

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