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A fresh concept in modern Publishing


Charlotte Greene operates in the modern, electronic world, where copy does not take weeks to be inspected by 'editors' in double-spaced, printed form.

If we look at your work, we will reply within days.


Electronic submissions of complete manuscript are accepted, if requested by us, after initial query letter and review.

Full details on our Submissions Page.


Charlotte Greene will consider any genre, including nonfiction, but we are especially into fiction, and interested in the following:

  • Science Fiction.
  • Science Fantasy.
  • Urban fiction / YA.
  • Action & Adventure.
  • Mystery thrillers.
  • Who-done-it.
  • Historical Fiction.

We have no hard and fast rule on what we will, and will not look at. An original and interesting plot goes a long way with us.


Your book remains your copyright, sending it to us leaves a checkable trail.

Do not trust anyone who demands you hand over your book's copyright to them.

Charlotte Greene

Helping self-publishing authors get their books to market

Charlotte Greene, a young and innovative force within the self-publishing book market, was formed by John Morris in association with trusted freelancers he employed to help him publish his books. It took several years to find people with the right skills. Many advertise, but their product is lacking, their timekeeping erratic, or their work––just not good enough.

To help other self-publishing authors, this group acting as a collective of individuals with common purpose, offered themselves as part of a package of trusted freelancers, people who would deliver what they said, on time, and at reasonable budget to ordinary people. The demise of Elance, and its sale to Upwork prompted this to become a reality. In essence, one part of Charlotte Greene is a small version of Elance, dedicated solely to helping self-publishing authors attain professional standards and bring their work to the marketplace.

Services offered by the core team include: content editing to proof reading, full and front covers, internal illustrations and map-making, websites and hosting. We provide print and eBook formatting, plus .epub creation. We can also provide social media presence, such as a dedicated author Facebook page. See sidebar for fuller, but not comprehensive details.

Charlotte Greene offer reasonably-priced ISBN's to authors who join our collaboration via contract. For 20% of royalties, we open the route into the heart of British and U.S. trade and retail operations, both in print and ebook formats. Thus in UK, the author is listed with Nielsen Data, is entered into trade catalogues, which upon good sales, may be stocked by retail bookshops. *May* because there are no guarantees, but we open the doors to make this achievable, and work with the author to promote their work. Similar in America.

We also promote an author's books online, usually as a pair of print and eBook. Amazon plus extended services, B & H, Kobo, Lulu - yes the usual suspects; but more. John's books are in the iBookstore and other global, yet hard to access retailers. They can also be ordered via Waterstones, Blackwells, and Foyles. We offer all this and more for signing a simple contract. Our take: 20% of royalties.

In 2018 we plan to attend book fairs to showcase our signed author's work to trade and media. We can also work with the author regards book signing opportunities, and features in book trade periodicals.

Publisher Services

Charlotte Greene do not offer you a standard publishing deal, because that is not what we do. We assist self-publishing authors to get their books into English speaking marketplaces worldwide. Many of these you can do yourself, but all have idiosyncrasies: Amazon (CreateSpace), Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Lulu et al.

As publishers, we are able to enter your books for consideration into markets like Waterstones in UK, and Ingram in the U.S. This in turn gives you leverage to promote in bookshops via a book signing event, and participate, via us, at book fairs. We will only offer this service to contracted authors.


ISBN's can be prohibitively expensive, but as a Publisher, Charlotte Greene can assign ISBN's to an author who is contracted to us and has signed our Publisher-Author Contract. This is a simple and basic document, with no lawyerspeak gobbledygook. These are markets you as an author do not have access to. Otherwise, you remain free to sell your book in any other markets, such as a pre-existing CreateSpace ISBN.

The ISBN fee is currently £24.49 each. You will probably need two per book for Print and EPUB versions, currently offered as a pair per book at £39.99 (Prices as of May 2017).


Whatever your expertise or level, Charlotte Greene have freelancers and expertise to help you excel as an author, to gain recognition for your efforts. Writing a very good book is not easy - we know.

If you are unsure, then drop us a line, tell us what you need, or simply discuss your book with us. You've nothing to lose.

Services Include

  • Content editing.
  • Copy editing.
  • Ghost writing.
  • Cover creation.
  • Illustrations.
  • Print book formatting.
  • EPUB formatting.
  • EPUB conversion.
  • ISBN allocation.
  • Addition to our publishing catalogue.


We are looking to increase our pool of freelancers, but only the best need apply. We will need to vet your work first, before inclusion, as we have a high standard and reputation to maintain.

In many ways, this works in a similar way to Elance, but is dedicated only to books and self-publishing authors.

Useful Tip

We suggest all new authors join a writer's community, such as Goodreads.

   Click for Goodreads website

Our own blog coming soon.

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